Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sign of things to come?

I know it's only spring training, but as a Jays fan, I don't really have much to look forward to. The one thing that baseball can offer when you cheer for a lacklustre team is the individual achivements of players.

The Jays have, in my opinion, the best pitcher in base ball in Roy (Doc) Halladay, who, in this short spring, has pitched in a way that shows he will have another dominant year. Coming off of a 20 win year, where he pitched more complete games than most other teams, he has not allowed a run yet this spring, in the equivalent of a complete game. 9 innings, no runs allowed. I know, it's only spring, he's facing mainly A and AA ballers who have never seen major league action before, and the Doc probably hasn't mixed in too many off speed pitches yet. Still, I'm excited.

Halladay has one Cy Young so far, but should probably have three, maybe even four. He should have won last year, if you compare his numbers to Lee's, and injury prevented at least two Cy Youngs before. Let's hope that this year he picks up his second.

Plus, the Jays can welcome back Aaron Hill this year. We can look forward to seeing Adam Lind in his first full season with the Jays, and Travis Snider, our rookie and hope for the future is crushing the ball in the grapefruit league. Also, the Jays have decided to carry Johnny Mac, the worst hitting - best shortstop in the AL, if not the majors.

It should be fun to watch.

Well, no, probably not.

Favourite player stat of the day:

Halladay - 4 IP, 1H, 4K, 1BB, 0ER

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