Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well, in what could have been The Sudbury Wolves last game of the year, they went out and played hockey. Good hockey. They were loose, they skated, they didn't force the puck, and they scored. The final score was 6-2.

The Sudbury newspapers will read that the Wolves stepped up their game, played for their lives with their lives on the line. The Belleville papers will read that Belleville didn't show up, phoned this one in, assumed the win before the puck was dropped.

Perhaps both are true, but it was a fun game to watch if you were cheering for the home side.

Matt Dais, in what could have been his last hockey game, made sure it wasn't by scoring four goals, including a natural hatrick in the first period.

This likely was the last home game for the Wolves this year. It would be a huge upset if they were to win the final two games of the series in Belleville, but of course, I hope they do.

And while they would never admit that it was their final home game of the '09 playoffs, they gave a nice salute to the fans at centre ice after the final buzzer, raising their sticks in thanks.

I'd seen teams like the Rangers do this on tv,

but it was touching to see it in real life, from a team I was cheering for. Thank you Sudbury Wolves.

But the real treat in watching these two games was being able to see PK Subban play live.

He truly is a madman, who is stacked with talent, and Sudbury fans had begun to catch onto this. There was a smattering of boos every time he touched the puck, something that wasn't heard in game 3. And Subban is hardly ever off the ice. He must be averaging over thirty minutes a night, and literally does not sit during powerplays, or penalty kills. He carries the puck like a forward, and pinches like the best of defensemen. I'm glad I got to see him up close.

The worst part of the night? The nearly 2000 empty seats in the arena.

I guess Sudburians gave up on this team a bit early. It was sad.


Marion Hossa says he will take less money to stay in Detroit, as long as the deal is fair for both sides.

Don't toy with me, Hossa. My heart can't take it right now.

If anyone can get this deal done, it's Mr. Holland. C'mon Kenny, I'm counting on you. Oh, while you're at it, can you please show Samuelsson the door? Thanks.


Favourite Player Stat of the Night - My new, instantaneous favourite player, Matt Dias: 4 G, Natural Hatrick, GW

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