Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You ain't much if you ain't Dutch

Wow. How do you take a diehard Red Wings fan, and get him to turn off the hockey game, to watch a baseball game with two teams he has no affiliation to?

Well, first of all, make it an international competition. I love watching professional athletes compete for their country. In fact, I quit my job (well, never showed up again, rather than quit) because I couldn't stand to miss any of Canada's games in the hockey portion of the 2002 Olympics. Truly worth it.

Second of all, make sure that one of the teams is a baseball powerhouse. Put superstars on it like David Ortiz, Robinson Cano, etc.

Thirdly, make the other team from a country that seemingly has no right whatsoever playing baseball. I don't want to ever have heard of any of the players, and I want their place in the tournament to be a joke.

Fourthly (and here's where it gets fun) make that team of nobodies push the superstars to extra innings, without giving up a run. Nothing. Five hits after nine. No runs.

And fifthly (fifthly?), after the superstar team scores in the top of the 11th, on a heartbreaking play by the right fielder, make sure that same right fielder scores the winning run in the bottom of the 11th, after reaching third on a throwing error by one of the greatest relievers in the game, sending the Cindarella team into the next portion of the tournament, and sending the superstars home.

Yup. That's how.

Oh yah. And the Red Wings ended up winning in overtime.

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