Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Slaughter, Please

Is it me, or does tonight's game against the Blues feel important? I mean, really fucking important.

It's the gosh darned Blues, for Christ's sake. We've already beat them five times this season.

However, that two game losing streak heading into this one just makes me a bit apprehensive. We need momentum. Like, wrecking ball momentum.

I want a blow out tonight. I mean, a blow out that would put Paris Hilton in a room of half rate musicians to shame.

6-0 has a nice ring to it.

Because a close game doesn't cut it. These Blues are fighting for their playoff lives, and will being playing hard. They will be fighting for every inch of ice, pinching, checking, skating, trying to win a face off come April 15th.

If we let them stay close in this game, it's an embarrassment to the Wings. 3-2 sucks. 2-1 sucks even more.

It is time (way past due, if you ask me) that the Wings show that they are the cream of the crop, the guys to beat.

And an absolute blood slaughter of a desparate team seems like just the right message to send.

So here's what I want tonight.

A hattrick from one of Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Hossa (we have yet to score a hattrick this year). At least two points from at least two of those same three guys as well as Franzen, and at least a point from all four of them. I'd like at least a point, if not two or three from Lidstrom, plus at least a +3 rating. I'd like a goal from either Filpula or Hudler, showing that the top three lines will all contribute come playoff time. I'd like the fourth line to not allow a goal at all, and maybe score one if possible. I'd like a shutout from Conklin.

But, mainly, I want a blow out. I want to make St. Louis look like a minor league team.

I want to win. And I want to win big.

Anything less, and I'm worried heading into the final games of the season.

Oh, and P.S. Go Oilers Go.

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