Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well, here we are. The big show. The Stanley Cup Finals.

All of my silly little game time rituals have paid off, and the Stevie Y bobblehead doll that absolutely must face the tv whenever the boys in red and white play, seems to be holding his little replica Stanly Cup a little higher today.

In the last round, I was 2-0, which brings me to 11-3 overall. Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

So, let's move on to the Final Round.

The Stanley Cup Finals

The Detroit Red Wings vs. The Pittsburgh Penguins

There are a million blogs all over the web that say exactly what I would say. Here's Puck Daddy's from today. And this one is from Mark Spector over at

Essentially, everyone has covered what I would say. I would , however, say that no one seems to have touched on the fact that Zetterberg will shut down Crosby, which perhaps is only my belief, but I believe it I do. Zetterberg has time and time again gone up against the other team's best players, and left them ineffective. Toews, Getzlaf, Nash. He shut them all down, and he'll shut down Crosby.

People have argued with me that Datsyuk is the better two way player. Datsyuk is amazing, probably the second best two way player in the league, but he doesn't compare with Zetterberg. Sure his point total is higher, and his +/- astronomical, but there's a big difference that separates the two. Zetterberg plays in the harder situations. He plays against the other teams top centre, every game, every shift. He is on the first unit penalty kill. His defensive responsibility is so strong, that he is used for that most often, and then, happily, provides an amazing offense on top of it.

So, in closing on my 'Love Of Zetterberg' diatribe, the only way that he doesn't shut down Crosby is if Babcock decides that Malkin is the greater threat of the two, and he sends Zetterberg out against him.

Beyond that, the blogs go on to say what I would have said.

Pittsburgh has had a great run, and have improved far beyond what they were at this time last year. But they haven't faced anything like this Detroit team in these Stanley Cup Finals.

Their forwards haven't seen anything like our defense. There defense haven't seen anything like our forwards. And Fleury hasn't seen anything like what we'll put in front of him.

Our players are faster, get to loose pucks quicker, hit harder, and are more patient than any other opponent the Pens have faced this year.

And, one of their best players last year left them after the season to join, heh, heh, The Red Wings.

So, go read those other blogs. I'll just say here that the Red Wings will win.

Wings in six

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